First of all check out Kumara Parvatha Trek for great deal of details, if you've not already

First of all check out Kumara Parvatha Trek for great deal of details, if you've not already. This can help you to  plan for this trek.

If you are traveling from Bangalore side the following itinerary ideas can help you to plan. They are of course suggestions based on popular routes people plan. Based on your situation and convenience you can easily make different versions of these four  itinerary ideas  discussed.

Itinerary Idea 1:

This is a very popular 'circular route' from Bangalore to KP and back. The popularity for this is mainly because in this itinerary you'll be trekking the full trail across the Western Ghat, instead of the trek up to the KP peak and return to same base by same path you accented (see Kumara Parvatha Trek for the Trail options details ).

Take one of those over night KSRTC services from Bangalore to Somwarpet (book if possible in the Volvo, you'll reach fresh for the day long trek).

Get freshened at Somwarpet , have breakfast and catch the 7'ish bus to Beedehalli. Or you may even hire a jeep, if traveling as a team.

From Beedehalli walk towards Hegde Mane village and further to Kumarahalli where the Forest Check Post is located. Pay the entry fees and complete the entry permit formalities. You're set to go in to the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary where the Pushpagiri or Kumara Parvatha peak is located.

Camp inside the forest over the night. Start decent towards Subrahmanya side next day morning.

Exit the trek trail by evening near the Subrahmaniya town. Check in at a hotel to rest at Subrahmaniya , head to the Kumaradhara River close by or head to KSRTC bus station directly to take KSRTC bus back to Bangalore, based on your preference and time at hand.

You can do this itinerary in the reverse order too. Bu the Somwarpet towards Subrahmaniya is preferred, since you'll be very tired after the trek and quickly want to get to a lodge/hotel/restaurant or catch bus. Subrahmaniya town is right next where your trail ends, whereas Somwarpet is a good 25km away. By the way from Subrahmaniya you can catch a train also to Bangalore (see Kukke Subramanya and Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya)

Itinerary Idea 2:

This route is essentially same as the route idea 1 described before. From Bangalore you'll be getting down first at Kushal Nagar near Madikeri. There are quite a few bus services to Madikeri from Bangalore (see Bangalore to Coorg by Bus) most via Mysore and Kushal Nagar.

This is a handy option of you are not able to travel by one of those KSRTC buses to Somwarpet, try the Kushal Nagar route to get to Somwarpet and then to Beedehalli .

Obviously this is one step more the idea 1.  However between Kushal Nagar and Bangalore the connection frequency is far more than between Somwarpet and Bangalore.

By the way Kushal Nagar is on the border between Mysore and Coorg district. This is a mid sized town with some decent number of lodges hotels etc that suits mid journey stays. Also It's quite easy to get bus connections either to Madikeri or Mysore from Kushal Nagar.

Bylakuppe, the Tibetan settlement and the popular Namdroling Golden Temple is located near to Kushal Nagar.

Very close to Kushal Nagar town is the island of Kaveri Nisargadhama around which the River Kavery flows.

Itinerary Idea 3:

This is quite straight forward roure you can get a direct connection (bus or Train) to Subrahmanya from Bangalore. (see Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya for options and driving directions).

The trail begins very close to the temple in the town. If you are driving from Bangalore to Subrahmaniya, you can park your car/bike at the parking area around the temple or at the lodge premises you've checked in.

In this plan, you'll be trekking back to the same point where you set off the trek. Most likely you'll set the overnight camp at the peak, the Kallu Mantapa somewhere midway or even near the Battra mane (Bhat's home, the lone house the whole of trek trail).

Out of all the travel plans, this is the most convenient from Bangalore to the base point of Kumara Parvatha. Note the bus and train do get overbooked during the festive season at the temple, and also for those special religiously significant days.

When it is busy at Kukke Subrahmaniya, it is even tough to find good hotel accommodation or space to park car.

Itinerary Idea 4:

Well, consider this if you would like to avoid the tedious Subrahmanya side trek. Single day trek from Subrahmaniya side is less practical. Unless you are a hardened trekker, in which case you are more likely to camp over night any ways.

The Somwarpet side trek up to the Kumara Parvatha peak is almost half as tedious compared to the Subrahmaniya side trail.

If you set out quite early, it is possible for you to return to Kumarahalli check post before dark. You may even skip the KP peak, instead trek up the the view point near the base of KP and return. Still it's a tough thing to do. Even if you do, it is less likely that you can catch that last bus (3.45pm) to Somwarpet from Beedehalli.

You may checkout with one of those basic 'home stays' around Beedehalli village. Trekkers stays here overnight before/after trek on this side.