Select the Channarayapatna route (NH48 Route towards Hassan from Bangalore), if your destination is around Madikeri or Somwarpet area

Select the Channarayapatna route (NH48 Route towards Hassan from Bangalore), if your destination is around Madikeri or Somwarpet area.

This is the same route one would take to drive from Bangalore to Mangalore via Hassan. You'll drive on the 4 lane toll highway till a small town called Channarayapatna, that appears about 40km before Hassan.

Reach Tumkur Road (NH4) from wherever your starting point is in Bangalore.  At Nelamangala, leave NH4 and get to the NH48 towards Mangalore. From Nelamangala to Channarayapatna, you'll be on NH48 for about 120km. You can cover this in less than 2 hours.

After that the driving is relatively slow phased, thanks to the 2 lane curvy route....

From Channarayapatna and Hassan there are a few left diversions towards towns in Coorg.  These diversions and state highways, nothing compared to the 4 lane NH48 you've been on so far. Nevertheless, some routes have better roads than the other. One of the popular diversion is from Channrayapatna to Madikeri via Holenarsipur and Arkalgud.

Drive ins on the NH48: Try Mayura after Bellur Cross.

Swathi Delicacy ( is great vegetarian drive in restaurant near Yediyur on NH48.

There is a  Kamath Upchar outlet after Channarayapatna. The catch is, this is 10km after Channarayapatna on NH48. So its a 10km+10km detour back to Channarayapatna where the H.Narsipur diversion is. There is also a Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) also next to Kamath's inside the IOC Fuel Station.

Bangalore to Coorg by NH48 ( distance 291km ) route goes like this: Bangalore City –30km–>Nelamangala–44km–>Kunigal–46km–>Bellur Cross (Nelligere)–45km–> Channarayapatna –22km–>Holenarsipur–22km–>Arkalgud–22km–>Sanivarasante–20km–>Somwarpet–40km–>Madikeri Town


There are only limited (rather no) restaurants after you've taken the left diversion at Channarayapatana, before you hit Madikeri.
The road condition from Bangalore to Coorg is great on NH48 ( 2014) . After the Channarayapatna diversion, you may find a few patchy stretches, but in manageable conditions.
Checkout the alternative route to Coorg from Bangalore Bangalore to Coorg via Mysore.
You can see the comparison between the two routes (Bangalore to Coorg by Road) , that is via Mysore (SH17) and via Channarayapatna (NH48). Factors are compared. Select the best route to Coorg.
Checkout with travel forums like Team BHP, etc to get the latest update on the road conditions, esp. helpful during post monsoon months when road conditions typically deteriorate.
Plan your de-tours well in advance. Halebid, Belur, Sharavanabelagola etc are doable attractions from Channarayapatna and Hassan on NH48.