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Bylakuppe from a visitor’s perspective is a pleasantly surprising cultural landscape in this part of the country. It is a great place to see Tibetan art ,customs and architecture in close proximity.

The most popular among the tourists is the Namdroling Golden Temple, located inside the large Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery.

Hundreds of Buddhist monks live here. While the exterior of the new Zangdokpalri temple temple looks majestic with a giant rainbow arch over the tower, the interior of the Golden temple next to it is awe-inspiring. The path to the Zangdokpalri temple passes through a sprawling garden. Around the garden are the residential quarters of the monks.

The temples are painted richly with saturated bright colours. The walls are intricately decorated with repetitive patterns and murals of Tibetan Buddhist themes. The altar of the Golden Temple contains the imposing golden images of Guru Padmasambhava (on your left), Buddha Sakyamuni and Amitayus ( on your right).

Outside the Golden temple are a small shrine and a garden in front of it. The path that goes towards the back of the Golden temple leads to a huge open field. At one end of this ground is a long row of the prayer wheels.

Baring the geography every bit of the ambient emulates a piece of Tibet in India.

Tourists are welcomed to visit the monasteries and the temples. Photography is allowed even inside the temple. However follow the etiquettes and courtesies deemed for a place of worship.

There’s a large parking area near the Golden Temple. A shopping arcade next to it houses many curios shops and restaurants. There are not many hotels in Bylakuppe, though there are some guesthouse accommodation part of the Monastery. Better options for stay are available at Kushalnagar and Madikeri town in that order.


Around Coorg | Places in CoorgRoutes to Barapole River Rafting

Routes to Barapole River Rafting

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Why Coorg?

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Coorg's Attractions

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Road Routes to Nagarhole

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Kukke Subramanya

It’s difficult to say what dominates, the religious significance of this place or its natural beauty. Whichever way you prefer to believe, this small temple town is unique for its location, surrounded in all directions by the rain drenched forests of the Western Ghats. The myth of Kukke : There... more ➜

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Kumara Parvatha Trek

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Around Coorg | Places in CoorgBisle Ghat

Bisle Ghat

Bisle Ghat on the way to Kukke Subrahmaniya from Somwarpet.

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