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Attractions in Coorg is scattered over a wide area in this high range district. Plan your Coorg itinerary based on time in hand and your taste. The list of attractions in Coorg is attached below to make a quick itinerary check.

For actions in Coorg, checkout 12 Things to Do in Coorg, one of it include how to enjoy Coorg without doing any action!

Madikeri Town area:

  • Mercara Fort :
  • Raja's Seat :
  • Gaddige:
  • Omkareshwara Temple:
  • Abbey Falls:
  • Mercara Downs:

Places Around Madikeri:

  • Mukkodlu Falls:
  • Sunticoppa:
  • Siddapur:
  • Chettalli:
  • Pollibetta:
  • Tithimathi:

Somwarpet Area:

  • Honnammana Kere:
  • Kottebetta:
  • Ramaswamy Kanive:
  • Kudige :
  • Pushpagiri WLS:
  • Shantalli :
  • Mallahalli Falls:
  • Mukkodlu Falls:
  • Kukke subramanya
  • Bisle Ghat
  • Beauty Spot

Virajpet area:

  • St. Anne's Church
  • Clock Tower
  • Devara Kaadu
  • Perambady Lake
  • Peggala Pass:

Places around Virajpet:

  • Kadanga:
  • Gonikoppal:

Kakkabe Area:

  • Thadiyendamol:
  • Padi Igguthappa Temple
  • Nalkand Palace
  • Chettalli Falls
  • Chettalli Hills
  • Chelavara Falls:

Talacauvery Region:

  • Bhagamandala
  • Talacauvery:
  • Brahmagiri Hills:
  • View Point:


  • Kaveri Nisargadhama
  • Golden temple
  • Namdroling Monastery:
  • Sera Je University:
  • Sakys Monastery:
  • Tashi Lhunpo Monastery:

Irpu Region

  • Irpu Falls:
  • Irpu Rameshwara Temple
  • Munikal
  • Permad
  • Nagarhole National Park:

Dubare region:

  • Dubare Elephant Training Camp
  • Valnur Fishing Camp
  • Harangi Dam

Things to do in Coorg !Trekking in the Forest? Do it right!

Trekking in the Forest? Do it right!

Well, this is a piece aimed at the novice trekkers who are more driven by the thrill than experience when it come to trekking. Before you set out do a homework, a couple of them are absolutely is a quick checklist to consider as part of your trekking preparation.... MORE ➜

Everything about Coorg!Why Coorg?

Why Coorg?

And finally when you make it to Coorg, you find everything changed in one stroke. The air is cold and misty. The smell is predominantly of coffee, but still with a hint of dried ginger, cardamom and orange in that order. Coorg sits trapped but comfortably inside an almost closed... MORE ➜

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Top 8 Coorg Resorts

Coorg has many upscale resorts set in pristine locations. Some are easily reachable, some not quite, so which makes them all the more exotic. Before you zero in on a resort in Coorg, consider a couple of factors like the location the resorts, the theme they offer, the kind of... MORE ➜

Coorg AttractionsRaja's Seat

Raja's Seat

An attraction located right in the heart of Madikeri. One of the must visit item in the itinerary for Madikeri. Raja's Seat literally means the Seat of the King, is a pavilion set inside a garden in the middle of the town. While this structure has significant importance in the... more ➜

Things to do in Coorg !12 Things to Do in Coorg !

12 Things to Do in Coorg !

Kodava Cuisine : Never miss this exotic taste of Coorg. The good news is , probably this is the easiest do thing on your Coorg agenda! The only effort needed from your side is to pick the right place to stay and dine well in advance. Ask your host about... more ➜

Things to do in Coorg !Whitewater Rafting at Barapole

Whitewater Rafting at Barapole

Come monsoon, the trickling stream of Barapole of Coorg turns into a formidable river. Water gushes through the boulder strewn river path. At places the speeding water suddenly drops creating fabulous rapids. That sets the ideal situation for whitewater rafting. Whitewater rafting is organised at the upper Barapole area called... more ➜

Things to do in Coorg !Kodava Cuisine

Kodava Cuisine

Steamed rice (Koolu) with an assorted curries, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian make the staples of Coorg. Noolputtu, a noodle dish made of rice flower goes well with Chicken Curry (Koli Curry) is a must try breakfast while in Coorg.    

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