Nagarhole by Bus : Buses operating right through the national park are few and far in between

Nagarhole by Bus : Buses operating right through the national park are few and far in between. So one of the best strategy is to reach one of these towns on the fringes of Nagarhole like Kutta, Gonikoppal or Hunsur.

Kutta is a small town located right outside the southern entrance to Nagarhole National Park. There are frequent services from Kerala to Kutta , as it is located a few kilometers from the Kerala State border. There are a very few bus services from Kutta town that passes through the Nagarhole National Park. Remember the forest department office and guest houses are located about 6 kilometers into the park from this gate. If bus is not an option ( think of coming back also! ) from Kutta you can hire a jeep to reach the place where the safari start.

Virajpet is about 45 kilometers northwest of Kutta. Virajpet has plenty of bus services , especially to the neighboring districts of Coorg. Gonikoppal , 16 kilometers from Virajpet is another village were the road from Kutta , Virajpet and Hunsur meet. You can get bus from Gonikoppal to Kutta .

Hunsur is another town near Nagarhole with good bus connectivity to other major towns and cities (Madikeri, Mysore, Bangalore..) in this part of Karnataka. Its about 50 kilometers from Hunsur to Nagarhole. Look for as jeep or other local options from Hunsur to Kutta.

Mysore, is the nearest big city and the nearest railway station for Nagarhole. There are a some odd bus services to Nagarhole from Mysore. You can access Nagarhole from Mysore via Hunsur or HD Kote. Both are entirely in two directions. Road via Hunsur approach Nagarhole from its northern periphery while DH Kote is located somewhere at the south of the park. There are many buses from Mysore that go to HD Kote and also to Kerala via the forest area. From HD Kote , in all probability you’ll have to depend on some jeep services to reach the Safari point.

Nagarhole by Car :

Madikeri --> Gonikopal --> Kutta --> NNP South Gate --> Safari Point
Virajpet --> Gonikopal --> Kutta --> NNP South Gate --> Safari Point
Mananthavady --> Kattikulam-->Tholpatty --> Kutta --> NNP South Gate --> Safari Point
Bangalore --> Mysore --> Husnur --> NNP Nort Gate --> Murkal --> Safari Point

If you driving, see the road routes to Nagarhole National Park's safari point.


Kutta is pretty close (6km) to the safari point, from the southern part of the park . Hunsur is about 40km from the safari point, approached via the northern gate.
If you destination at is Kabini Riverside, which is at the south most fringes of the park, traval via Karapura village.