It’s difficult to say what dominates, the religious significance of this place or its natural beauty

It’s difficult to say what dominates, the religious significance of this place or its natural beauty. Whichever way you prefer to believe, this small temple town is unique for its location, surrounded in all directions by the rain drenched forests of the Western Ghats.

The myth of Kukke : There are several folklore and mythical stories associated with Kukke. According to some accounts, Kukke Patna was a flourishing town with many thousand houses. Of late this place wend into oblivion, with a relatively sparse population living in it.

Hindu mythology has some very interesting narration about Kukke. The Lord of War, Subrahmaniya is worshiped here in a serpent form. Kumaradhara is the place where Lord Subrahmaniya washed his weapon after slaying the demon Tharaka, who was the thread to the Devas. Pleased by the outcome of battle with Tharaka, India, the king of Devas prayed Subrahmaniya to marry his daughter Devasena. Subrahmaniya readily accepted Indra's pray and the marriage between Subrahmaniya and Devasena took place at the Kumaraparvatha, at the foothill of which the temple is located.

An argument ensued between the two wives of Sage Kasyapa, Kadru and Vinata. Kadru is believed to be the ancestral mother of snakes. Kadru request for help to win the argument was declined by her serpent off-springs.

The angered Kadru cursed her own off-springs that they will face extinction. Many of them met a fiery death at the snake-sacrifice of King Janamejaya. Many got eaten by Garura, the eagle lord. Vasuki the lord of snakes and a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva did a penance in a place called Biladawara to escape from the attack of Garuda.

Pleased by his devotion, Shiva advised him to go to Kumaraparvatha where he would meet Subrahmaniya, Shiva's son. That union of Vasuki and Subrahmaniya make devotees believe in the power of the two deities in a single form.

Kukke Subrahmaniya Temple is the first destination for the childless couples in Karnataka, to offer a special prayer called Sarpasamskara.

How to Reach Kukke Subrahmaniya

Bangalore to Subramaniya Routes . There are two main routes you can consider, the first via Hassan and the second via Mysore. The popular route is however the Hassan route.

Bangalore to Subrahmaniya Route ( via Hassan, distance 284km): Bangalore City –30km–>Nelamangala–44km–>Kunigal–30km–>Bellur Cross (Nelligere)–45km–> Channarayapatna –37km–> Hassan –40km–> Sakleshpur –37km–> Gundya Ckeckpost –21km–> Subrahmaniya.

Mysore to Subrahmaniya Route ( distance 194km, via Goonadka): Mysore to Subrahmaniya Route ( distance 210km): Mysore -45km-> Hunsur -22km->Periyapatna-22km->Kushalnagar-30km-> Madikeri -30km-> Sampaje -9km-> Goonadka -14km-> Devachalla -8km->Guthigaru -14km-> Subrahmaniya

Mysore to Subrahmaniya Route ( distance 210km, via Sullia): Mysore -45km-> Hunsur -22km->Periyapatna-22km->Kushalnagar-30km-> Madikeri -30km-> Sampaje -9km-> Goonadka -13km-> Sullia -17-> Devachalla -8km->Guthigaru -14km-> Subrahmaniya

Mysore to Subrahmaniya Route ( distance 187km, via Bisle Ghat): Mysore -45km-> Hunsur -22km->Periyapatna-22km->Kushalnagar - 27km -> Somwarpet - 34km -> Kuduraste Jn -2km-> Vanagoor Eastate - 11km -> Bisle - 24km -> Kukke Subramanya.

Mangalore to Subrahmaniya (distance 112km, via Bellare ): Mangalore -25km-> Bantwal-13km-> Mani-14km-> Puttur-11km-> Kumbra -16km-> Bellare-14km-> Panja -18km->Subrahmaniya

Mangalore to Subrahmaniya (distance 107km, via Kaniyoor ) : Mangalore -25km-> Bantwal-13km-> Mani-14km-> Puttur-23km-> Kaniyoor-14km-> Panja -18km->Subrahmaniya

Mangalore to Kukke Subrahmaniya (distance 106km, via Uppinangadi ) : Mangalore -25km-> Bantwal-13km-> Mani-16km-> Uppinangadi-30km-> Kadaba -11km->Nettana (Subrahmaniya Road Railway Station) -11km-> Subrahmaniya

Kukke Subrahmaniya to Dharmastala (distance 53km) : Subrahmaniya -11km-> Nettana (Subrahmaniya Road Railway Station)-20km-> NH48 entry -0.5km-> NH48 exit -5km-> Kokkada -16km-> Dharmastala

Kasragod to Kukke Subrahmaniya (distance 92km) : Kasragod -9km-> Chengala-16km->Mulleria-25km-> Jalsoor -20km-> Devachalla -8km->Guthigaru -14km-> Subrahmaniya