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Mangalore to Kukke Subrahmaniya road distance is about 100+ km. There are a few routes to reach Kukke from Mangalore side by road. On NH48 take the right diversion at Mani to the Madikeri Road (SH88). About 11km after Puttur you'll reach Kumbra. Leave the highway and take the left diversion to Thingaladi.
In about 4km you'll join the SH100 to Bellare. Countinue on this road to Subrahmaniya.

Another alternative is to drive via Kaniyoor. From Puttur take the Kaniyoor route.

If you are keen on driving on NH48, there are two more slightly longish alternatives. One is via Uppinangadi and Kadaka. The second is the diversion from Gundya towards Kukke Subrahmaniya.

See the route maps attached for Kukke Subrahmaniya.

Distances to Kukke Subrahmaniya from Mangalore :

Mangalore to Subrahmaniya (distance 112km, via Bellare ): Mangalore -25km-> Bantwal-13km-> Mani-14km-> Puttur-11km-> Kumbra -16km-> Bellare-14km-> Panja -18km->Subrahmaniya

Mangalore to Subrahmaniya (distance 107km, via Kaniyoor ) : Mangalore -25km-> Bantwal-13km-> Mani-14km-> Puttur-23km-> Kaniyoor-14km-> Panja -18km->Subrahmaniya

Mangalore to Kukke Subrahmaniya (distance 106km, via Uppinangadi ) : Mangalore -25km-> Bantwal-13km-> Mani-16km-> Uppinangadi-30km-> Kadaba -11km->Nettana (Subrahmaniya Road Railway Station) -11km-> Subrahmaniya

Kukke Subramanya Road Map with distances.

Kukke Subramanya Road Map with distances.

Route map showing directions to reach Kukke Subramanya from Mangalore, Kasragod, Hassan and Madikeri

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