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Talakaveri, literally means to fountain head of Kaveri, is an important religious center in the Kodagu region.
The place is associated with many mythical stories, especially about the circumstances that led to the origin of the river. Kavera was a local hunter king of the region, who did great penance to please Lord Siva. The boon he was was prosperity for his people. Lord Shiva blessed him with a daughter named Kaveri. And told him that his wishes will be fulfilled through Kaveri.

Later on Kavera gave his daughter in marriage to Sage Agasthya, who was sent to southward by Lord Shiva. The entire country at that time was going through the tyrannical rule of a demon called Surapadma.

One day while going to take bath by the river, Sage Agasthya turned Kaveri into water and kept in his holy pitcher. He did this for the safety of his wife.

Lord Ganesha took the form of a crow and upturned the pitcher, to save the place from the great drought. Water came out gushing through the holy pitcher and became a river, called the Kaveri.

According to the Hindu traditional calendar, Tulasankramana day ( about mid October) is an auspicious day. On that day at a predetermined moment water gushes up from the spring. Pilgrims flock in thousands to take bath during this auspicious moment. It is an immensely popular but crowded affair.

At Talakaveri you can see a sacred pond and small shrine of Goddess Kaveri at its corner. Further up are a group of larger shrines dedicated to Ganapati, Siva and Agasthya.

A climb further 365 steps to top of the Brahmagiri hill can give you great panoramic view of the valley and the rolling mountain ranges beyond.

How to reach Talakaveri: Talakaveri is about 48 km west of Madikeri town. Bhagamandala, which is about 8km from Talakaveri is well connected by KSRTC and other bus services.

If you are traveling by car, drive towards Bhagamandala and then take the deviation to Talakaveri. The route is circuitous all the way, and pass through the ghat after Bhagamandala.


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