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Valnur ( Valnoor or locally Vaalnuru ) is a tiny hamlet on the eastern side of Coorg fringing the Durare forest. From a tourism perspective Valnur is popular for two things – Fishing (Angling in Coorg) and bird-watching. At Valnur the river Cauvery flows northwards in wider and shallower expanse, making many island like river-scape .

The banks are thickly wooded and at many places with large sandy beds. The shallower rocky ridden and slow flowing river is ideal for aquatic life. So is the avian life around it. The shallow river often flows around the protruding rock outcrops scattered over the riverbed.

A few kilometers north of Valnur is the Dubare elephant camp.

Valnur is the road that connects Siddapura with Dubare. If you are traveling from Siddapura side, Valnur is some 3-4 km before the Dubare elephant camp.

Those coming from Mysore side take the deviation to Siddapur before reaching Madikeri. After crossing Hunsur , Piriyapatina and Kushalnagar towns on the highway ( SH88 ) watch out for the Gudde Hosur cross (some 4 km after Kushalnagar town ). At this junction leave the highway and turn left for Siddapura. After about 13 km from Gudde Hosur , you’ll cross the junction for Dubare elephant camp (a signboard is located here). At this point you’ve to turn left into the forest route for Dubare Elephant camp. For Valnoor, head straight towards Siddapura instead of taking the turn. Some two km ahead you’ll see the signboard for the Valnoor fishing camp (Trust Land Estate). Turn left and head towards the riverside.

On the other hand if you are starting from Madikeri town, take the state highway to Mysore and turn right at Gudde Hosur. The rest of the route is as explained above.


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Kumara Parvatha Trek

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Angling in coorg

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How to reach Bylakuppe

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How to explore Coorg?

So is if you are traveling from east to west. And remember it is a hilly country with winding narrow roads where the driving is a bit slower. The Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary is spread along the southeastern quarter of Coorg. Most of the wildlife oriented tourists head towards this direction.... more ➜

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Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole  is a tiny hamlet located in the middle of a large conjoining forest range in south of Coorg. There are many designated wildlife parks within the Nilgiri Biosphere. Nagarhole National Park is one of them. Nagarhole National Park , also officially Rajiv Gandhi National Park , is special among... more ➜

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How to reach Nagarhole

Nagarhole by Bus : Buses operating right through the national park are few and far in between. So one of the best strategy is to reach one of these towns on the fringes of Nagarhole like Kutta, Gonikoppal or Hunsur. Kutta is a small town located right outside the southern... more ➜

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Bylakuppe : The Tibetan settlement

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