Come monsoon, the trickling stream of Barapole of Coorg turns into a formidable river

Come monsoon, the trickling stream of Barapole of Coorg turns into a formidable river. Water gushes through the boulder strewn river path. At places the speeding water suddenly drops creating fabulous rapids. That sets the ideal situation for whitewater rafting.

Whitewater rafting is organised at the upper Barapole area called Kithu-Kakkatu River (popularly KKR) before it enters the the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats.

Every rafting season season KKR attracts great number of rafting enthusiasts. No prior experience is required, not even knowledge of swimming to try this adventure sports. All you need is a reasonable physical ability and the adventure sprite.

The three hours or so session is split into two. The first part is the training and briefings on the do and don'ts, safety instructions and paddle techniques then you hit the water. You'll be wearing life jacket and helmet while in the water.

The relatively calm part of the pool like river makes first the rapid nicknamed Morning Coffee , technically a Grade 2 rapid . Then comes a successive series of rapids, all aptly named Grasshopper (Grade 3), The Ramba Samba (Grade 2), Wicked Witch (Grade 3) and the intimidating of all the Big Bang(Grade 4).

It's about 2½ km of rafting from the base camp. Bring spare cloths. Do not wear lose jewelry, spectacles without retainers. T-shit, shorts and a good pair of jogging shoes or floaters/sandals with straps is good enough.

The most favorable season is post monsoon , mid July to September. Prices hovers around Rs1200 per head.

There are quite a few homestays and plantation stays around Kutta and Gonikoppal. There are ideal bases for adventure tourism in Coorg.

Contact in advance one of those professional agencies that organize rafting at Barapole (KKR).

For reaching the KKR site, check out routes to Barapole River Rafting. Kutta and Gonikoppal are nearby towns.

Coorg Whitewater Rafting The base camp is located on the edges of Upper Barapole where you'll receive the initial training and hit water. Checkout them on season and other customization you may want. ( )

Ace Paddlers Ace Peddlers base camp is located by the edges of Upper Barapole, before the Coorg Whitewater Rafting. Check out with them if you are keen on longer sessions ( )

Southern River Adventures and Sports Owned by British adventure sports enthusiast John Pollard offers whitewater rafting in Coorg, both at Barapole and Dubare (Cauvery)