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When it comes to whitewater rafting, the brave rush to Barapole and the not so adventurous heads eastwards to the more relaxed Dubare.

Coorg have a few great whitewater rafting locations. Barapole River is located in southwest part of Coorg , fringing the Western Ghats. Dudare is in the eastern part of Coorg. Both are quite popular destinations.

The excitement of rafting is all about the sudden gradient rivers, the unpredictable twist and the rapid currents it create. So post monsoon is the ideal season (Mid June to October) where the abundance of water create the right river conditions for the rapids.

You need not know swimming to take part in rafting at both Barapole and Dubare. But a mandatory onsite training is must, along with wearing of proper attire and life-jacket.

Whitewater rafting pricing for a 2-3 hours package is typically about Rs1200.

coorg-1Whitewater Rafting at Barapole Arguably the best whitewater rafting location you'll find in the peninsular India.

The rapids are nicknamed Morning Coffee (Grade 2), Grasshopper (Grade 3), The Ramba Samba (Grade 2), Wicked Witch (Grade 3) and the intimidating of all the Big Bang(Grade 4) each rapids stretching anything from 2 to 4km.

Barapole river rafting sites are is located west of the Kutta to to Gonikoppal route. Take the diversion at T.Shettigeri junction on SH89. Drive on the T.Shettigeri to Birunani Road through Tata Tea estate.

Everything about CoorgWhitewater Rafting at Dubare At Dubare River Cauvery is gentler and flows in majestic expanse through thick jungles. Great place to try this mini adventure as the two rapids graded 2 in this 8km stretch.

Dubare is easily reachable by taking diversion near Kushalnagar on the Madikeri-Mysore state highway (SH88)


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Devara Kaadu

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Whitewater Rafting at Barapole

Come monsoon, the trickling stream of Barapole of Coorg turns into a formidable river. Water gushes through the boulder strewn river path. At places the speeding water suddenly drops creating fabulous rapids. That sets the ideal situation for whitewater rafting. Whitewater rafting is organised at the upper Barapole area called... MORE ➜

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How to explore Coorg?

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