Everything about Coorg !

Coorg has been one of those best kept secret destinations for long. Coorg's relative remoteness and the intimidating geography walled it from easy access. Precisely that's is the lure for Coorg too!

In Coorg you'll find the typical touristy places teaming with noisy day-trippers, sprawling plantations, laid back countrysides, imposing mountains, wildlife sanctuaries and a great deal of Nature.

Kodava's ,the people of Coorg, are excellent hosts. Stay at one of those many hundred homestays in Coorg.

If your are looking for solitude, pick one of those bungalows hidden deep inside a coffee estate. Coorg has very many.

If you are adventure spirited and agile, explore the trekking options.

For those adrenaline driven, Coorg has more than what one can chew, be it whitewater rafting, flying those ultralight machines , mountain biking or even hiking through impossible geographies.

Culinarily inclined would find the Coorgie cuisine a delight, be the steamed rice noodles breakfast or the spicy gravy dish pork dish.