Things to do in Coorg !

12 Things to Do in Coorg !

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Well,  actually 11 things, but if you consider doing nothing (see at the end) also an action you can make it to 12 ! So here it is the checklist of actions for those of you chewing on Coorg vacation.

coorg-1Kodava Cuisine : Never miss this exotic taste of Coorg. The good news is , probably this is the easiest do thing on your Coorg agenda! The only effort needed from your side is to pick the right place to stay and dine well in advance. Ask your host about the cuisine options. Kodambuttu (steamed rice dumpling) with Pandi Curry (spicy pork curry) goes brilliantly together. Dishes made of Banboo shoot makes some of the best kept secrets of Coorg's recipe.

coorg-2Soak in Nature: Coorg's Nature is undoubtedly the first reason why tourists flock here. Coorg starts on the laps of Western Ghats. These intimidating peaks gradually turn gentle hilly terrain - bringing the numerous rivulets and streams along with to form the River Kaveri - and merges with the planes of Coorg. The rain soaked Coorg countryside with all the its undulated shades of green and the misty overlay is picture postcard. Enjoy Nature at its serene best in Coorg!

coorg-3Go Hiking: Coorg is a trekker's delight. Pick one based on your caliber. The hardcore ones tend to sect tough trails like the Tadiantemol, the highest peak in Coorg, or the forested Brahmagiri Range treks that involves overnight camping. Coorg has as many trek trails to explore, as that many hills and peaks in Coorg.... Koteebetta, Pushpahiri( Kumara Parvatha Trek), Manangeri, Nishani Motte, Thunga Para,...the list is endless. Most of the places would require permission and guide accompanying. Checkout with The Coorg Wildlife Society (

coorg-4Visit Plantation: Coorg is plantation country, be it coffee, spice, beetle nut or Tea.

coorg-5Homesaty: Do yourself a favour by booking in one of those hundreds of homesatys options available in Coorg. You are in up close to experience the Kodava hospitality and lifestyle, typically revolves around a plantation or farm. Coorg Homestay is an opportunity to get firsthand experience of what Kodava culture and life style is all about.

coorg-6Sight Seeing: Oh yes, do not miss to do the touristy things too! Coorg has some great must visit tourist attractions.

coorg-7Go Fishing: You may catch the legendary Masheer weighing 25kg. Or you might not. Try angling in Coorg , the upper catchments of Kaveri river around Valnur area and the best place to try your angling skills, and luck!. It's fun. Checkout with The Coorg Wildlife Society ( local office in Madikeri. They can organize for the licence for a nominal fee.

coorg-8Dubare Elephant Camp : Where elephants where (still are) trained...

coorg-9Safari at Nagarhole : This is pristine forest, home to a size-able Tiger population. Aim for the early morning or evening bus safari slots when the chances of spotting animals are more. Still better is to go for a private jeep safari.Ask your resort. By the way there are also a couple of forest guest house type accommodation inside the Nagarhole National Park.

coorg-10Adventure Sports : Coorg is arguably the adventure sports capital of Karnataka. Whitewater rafting in Coorg tops the agenda to be followed by hiking, paragliding, microlight flying, quad biking, mountain biking, the list is endless.

coorg-11Stay in a Nature Resort: There are a dozen or so exotic upscale resorts scattered around Coorg's not so travel friendly geography. Do not miss to stay in one, if budget is not a constraint for you. Check out one of the Top 8 Coorg Resorts.

coorg-12Do Nothing!: You heard it right! Coorg offers that lethargic ambient preventing you to leave the cozy warmth of your room. cuddle in bed for an eternity...of course if that seems hectic you can occasionally go for a stroll in plantation or sip coffee sitting at the balcony watching rolling hills. Those who are confused on honeymoon locations, look no further!


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