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First of of all, there is no railway station in Coorg. The nearest practical railway station is Mysore Junction (Station code: MYS).

So, essentially you'll be traveling from Chennai to Mysore by train and from Mysore to Coorg by road.

The Chennai to Coorg route is like this: Chennai -> Bangalore -> Mysore -> Madikeri (or any other place in Coorg)

Let's first talk about the Chennai to Mysore Train options. There are two daily express trains between Mysore and Chennai. Kaveri Express from Chennai Central (Station Code : MAA) is overnight train from Chennai to Mysore (Train No: 16222 , return Train No: 16221).

Shatabdi Express is the second main option. It's a day traveling train , fast (only 1 stop at Bangalore, between Chennai and Mysore) and expensive too. Train Number 12007 travels to Mysore from Chennai and Train No:12008 is the return Shatabdi Express.

Additionally there are 2 more weekly trains that connects Chennai with Mysore , Bagmati Express (Train Number :12577) and the Mysore Express (Train Number : 22682).

Kaveri Express takes about 10+ hours while Shatabdi Express covers it it about 7 hours time.

A sleeper ticket costs about Rs300 in Kaveri Express and AC Chair Car about Rs1000 in Shatabdi Express. Of course there are many other classes too.

Check the schedules and book the tickets well in advance (irctc.co.in). There are are pretty crowded trains where reservations get filled fast.

That's about Chennai to Mysore stretch of the journey to Coorg. From Mysore take one of those buses (KSRTC) to Coorg. There are frequent services to Madikeri and also other towns in Coorg.

Another option is to hire a cab to Coorg from Mysore.


Everything about Coorg!Where is Coorg?

Where is Coorg?

This mountainous district in Karnataka lies about 100km west of Mysore city. The west of Coorg is Western Ghats, along which Coorg shares boarder with the neighboring state Kerala. Dakshina Kannada district shares boarder with Coorg's northwest. Hassan to the north, Mysore to the east, Kannur to the southwest and... MORE ➜

Train | Bus | Road | Distance | How to Reach CoorgHow to Reach Coorg

How to Reach Coorg

Coorg region is connected by road to neighboring districts in Karnataka and Kerala. To reach Coorg you are likely to use one of those public transports, operated by Karnataka and Kerala transport corporations. Or would be using a private car or hired cab. Details of the road routes are discussed... MORE ➜


Everything about Coorg!Igguthappa


In Coorg every Hindu religious rituals revolves around Igguthappa. He is considered as the presiding deity of the region. In local parlance Igguthappa means the giver (of grains); the rain god; the one who grants everything. Symbolically Igguthappa is portrayed as serpent with open hood. Mythologically Igguthappa is considered as... more ➜

Everything about Coorg!Mangalore to Coorg

Mangalore to Coorg

Well, this is about how to travel from Mangalore to Coorg.  Let's explore  options to travel to some of the major places in Coorg. Madikeri (Mercara) is about 140km southeast of Mangalore. There are regular  bus (KRSTC) services between the two places. If you are driving, take the NH48 (popularly,... more ➜

Everything about Coorg!Mangalore to Kukke Subrahmaniya

Mangalore to Kukke Subrahmaniya

Mangalore to Kukke Subrahmaniya road distance is about 100+ km. There are a few routes to reach Kukke from Mangalore side by road. On NH48 take the right diversion at Mani to the Madikeri Road (SH88). About 11km after Puttur you'll reach Kumbra. Leave the highway and take the left... more ➜

Everything about Coorg!Pepper


Probably next to coffee, the cash crop you would see in abundance in Coorg is pepper. In fact pepper is mostly goown as an inter crop with coffee, meaning you’ll see a lo of pepper cultivation along with the coffee in the same plantation. While coffee is a bushy plant,... more ➜

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