Coorg shares boarder with Kannur and Wayanad districts of Kerala

Coorg shares boarder with Kannur and Wayanad districts of Kerala. There are 4 or 5 routes to travel from Coorg region to the neighboring places in Kerala. Irrespective of which route you select, the roads goes through forests and Ghats for 20-30km. Driving conditions vary significantly with the time of the year, for example the monsoon season is know to play havoc on the ghat sections and road in general in Coorg region.

There are only road connections and no rail link between Kerala and Coorg region.


Route 1 : If you are traveling from Kasaragod side, take the road to Sullia via Jalsoor. At Sullia take to diversion to Madikeri. The route is in reasonably drivable condition.

Kasragod to Madikeri Distance : 112km

Kasragod --> 11km--> Cherkala --> 40km--> Jalsoor --> 9km--> Sullia --> 52km--> Madikeri

You'll be driving through the Sampaje Ghat.



Route 2 This route to Coorg, popularly called the Panathur – Karike route is a good option to travel from Bekal to Madikeri. The 20-30 km of this route passes through thick forest section (Takakaveri National Park). Also this is ideal route if you are planing to drive to Talakaveri, which is a detour from this route.

Kanhangad to Madikeri Distance : 120km

Kanhangad --> 56km-->Panathur --> 8.5km-->Karike (National Park begins) --> 20km-->Bhagamandala --> 35km-->Madikeri. The route is narrow and pretty devoid of traffic in the forest stretch (Panathur - Karike ). Otherwise it's a curvy road till you reach Madikeri.

Route 3: This is a very popular option to travel from the Kannur - Talassery side to Coorg. The route goes via Iritty , small town on the Kerala side on the banks of the Valapattam River.

You'll cross this river by the 1933 British built  steel girder bridge .  Futher ahead you'll enter Karnataka taking a sharp right turn across a small bridge across a rivulet.

Once you've crossed the boarder, the ghat road starts. You'll be now driving through a forested area that saddles two large wildlife sanctuaries, the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary and the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Once you exit the ghat, the road passes through the coffee growing region of Coorg. At  Perumbadi take the right diversion if you are heading towards Gonikoppal, Hunsur, Mysore etc. Otherwise continue on the main road towards Virajpet and Madikeri.

Kannur to Madikeri Distance :114km :

Kannur--> 27km--> Mattanur--> 14km-->Iritty--> 14km--> Kerala-Karnaka Boarder--> 20km--> Perumbadi--> 7km-->Virajpet--> 32km-->Madikeri

Route 4 Take this route to travel between Wayanad and Coorg. This is the route even if you are driving from the south district like Calicut to Coorg.

After Mananthavadi town in Wayanad, take the left diversion at Kattikulam. You'll soon drive into the forest and the entrance to the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary arrives shortly after. Further ahead you'll cross the Kerala-Karnataka boarder and enters a small town in Coorg called Kutta.

At Kutta take the diversion based on where you are heading to in Coorg. Take left if you are heading towards Gonikkopal,Ponnampet, Virajpet , Madikeri etc. The right turn will take you to the entrance of Nagarhole National Park (Rajiv Gandhi National Park). The exit will take you further to Hunsur and Mysore.

Mananthavadi to Madikeri Distannce :114km

Mananthavadi --> 11km--> Kattikulam --> 13km--> Tholpetty WLS --> 4km--> Kutta --> 36km--> Gonikoppal --> 18km--> Virajpet --> 32km--> Madikeri

Note , traffic through the Nagarhole National Park is restricted during night.
The most scenic route among the three is arguably the Route 2 through Panathur. Take this route if you are heading to Bekal in Kerala.